Waldorf Summer Arts Studio

Make time this summer to improve your
Waldorf Art skills!

Join other Waldorf class teachers in this series of online workshops to explore and practice your artistic skills through curriculum related activities. 

Each studio class will lead by Kelly Beekman, an experienced Waldorf class teacher with over 20 years in the classroom.   

There is no better way to learn online!

Kelly Beekman's unique combination of presentation, conversation and demonstration provides the best possible, interactive experience.  Participants can:

  • ​Work alongside Kelly in your own workspace, at home or in the classroom.
  • Ask questions while you work
  • ​Receive immediate feedback and support 
  • ​Make requests for future projects and specific materials instruction

All lessons will be recorded and posted on the Handheld Arts Learning Hub for later viewing as well as have access to digital resources discussed in the studio session that support your development as an artist and as a teacher.

Curious to experience Kelly's teaching style? 
​Click to view a sampling of her 4th grade drawing lesson:

The objectives for the Summer Waldorf Studios are:

  • Understanding artistic development in the child and adult
  • Improving art lesson planning
  • Practicing new artistic skills and mastering familiar ones
  • Developing art lessons that encourage creativity
  • Discussing art materials and exploring new options
  • Making mistakes, so we can learn and grow in our abilities!

Projects may include:

  • Crayon Drawing: Learn about color mixing and how to develop images from a story
  • Colored Pencil Drawing: Understand slant-line technique and drawing the human figure
  • Wet-on-wet Watercolor Painting: Working together to plan and paint a painting
  • Charcoal Drawing: Experimenting with how to draw "light"
  • Chalkboard Drawing: How to use it more effectively when teaching art.

The content and pace of the lessons in each series will be modified to suit the needs of the enrolled participants.  The intention is that your questions will be answered, the projects will be oriented towards your interests, and the pace will be moderated to suit those in each group.  Kelly will be prepared each week to present an activity, but it will be subject to change based on need and interest.  Be prepared to participate fully in this interactive workshop setting. 

Sign up for one or more days a week for additional practice! 

Available Series:

All Studio Workshops will include art lessons in drawing and painting.

Each series meets 5 times.  Each lesson is 90 minutes long.
All lessons will be recorded, so if you have to miss a class, you can watch the video on another day. 
​Registration is limited to 23 students in each series. 



10:30am - 12:00pm ET

June 26
​July 3
​July 10
​July 17
​July 24


10:30am - 12:00pm ET

June 28
​July 5
​July 12
​July 19
​July 26



9:00am - 10:30am ET

June 29
​July 6
​July 13
​July 20
​July 27

Hear what other Waldorf Teachers say
about learning online with Kelly

"Kelly gave micro concepts in sequential steps. This is hugely more helpful than the very well intended and capable people I have received instruction from before."

- Grade One Teacher

"Kelly was prepared and engaging. She worked very well with the medium of Zoom, using the two cameras to full advantage."

- Grade Five Teacher

"Kelly is a brilliant art teacher who also brings the class teacher perspective. I learned so much in our short time together about color and am eager to work with her again in the future."

- Grade Six Teacher

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