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Color Conversations 

A Three-Part Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Painting Masterclass with Kelly Beekman

Strengthen your Artistic Foundations. Spend time in the World of Color.
Learn the Language that Colors Speak.

Have you ever been curious about what Color could teach you?

We all experience color in a very deep way, and when we build a relationship to the different colors, we can make more informed choices for our artwork.  Artist Kelly Beekman will lead you on a journey to connect with your own intuition and understand the Creative Power of Color.

This Masterclass is designed to radically shift your approach and understanding of Color through hands-on painting experiences.

  • Practice wet-on-wet water color painting techniques
  • ​Learn the intervals of color and the three most important color relationships
  • Gain insights on the power of color and its effects on mood and emotions
  • ​Become more confident with color in your artwork
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Each of the three Masterclass lessons will be delivered to your inbox, one a day for three days.  Take each lesson in turn, at your own pace.  They will be available online and on-demand through HandheldArts.com.   

Watch this short video to know what's included:

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In this course, Kelly Beekman will lead you along a path toward an understanding of color by providing a series of experiences that touch your hearts and kindle a sense of wonder.   

Give yourself the gift of time and enter into the world of color. Take time to play with color. Laugh along and free yourself for a short time. Put expectations aside. There are no requirements in this course, except to listen to the colors and enjoy their company.

What's Included:

Color Conversations Masterclass

  • ​Day One:  The Language and Qualities of Color
  • Day Two:  Exploring Contrasts and Color Studies
  • Day Three:  Creative Compositions and Writing Color Stories

Each lesson dives more deeply into Goethe's Color Theory, inviting you to engage, be inventive and be creative. You will be introduced to the language of color, be given opportunities to make small paintings and invited to journal about the color interactions you experience.  Tap into your intuition and identify the unique qualities of each color. In every lesson you will play with the colors and experiment with the techniques of wet-on-wet watercolor painting. 

$50 for 3 lessons. Each lesson is 1 hour long and contains several exercises for you to complete in the privacy of your own home.

Make time to Play with Color


Let me introduce you to a few new ideas, help you to explore new techniques, and enkindle your courage to create! With over 20 years of experience as an artist,  Waldorf teacher, adult workshop leader and online teacher trainer, I hope to inspire you to break boundaries and nurture your own creativity.

Kelly Beekman

I have taught these techniques to children in Waldorf schools and adults around the world and now want to share them with you.  Even if you already know how to paint, join me anyway and give yourself permission to play with color - just for the fun of it! 

Here's what we'll cover on this incredible three-part Masterclass:

  • ​Expand and Improve Your Watercolor Painting Techniques ​
  • ​Harness the Power of Color Combinations that Enliven Your Artistic Creations
  • ​Understand How a Color Study Can Help Expand Your Vision and Heighten Your Creativity
  • ​Compose Captivating Color Stories to Accompany Your Artwork

... and much, MUCH More!!

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Learn how to combine intuition with your painting technique and become more confident with color - no prior experience needed.

Sign up now and explore the world of wet-on-wet watercolor painting in this foundational course!

This Masterclass is for adults only.  Kelly's teaching style is focused on the adult learner and the teacher in you. During the course she will offer advice about how color painting can be shared with humans of all ages.  Please participate in the lessons and then use your own creativity to adapt and teach these painting techniques to the people you love.

Here's what People Have been Saying:

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"Kelly's very strong understanding came through in her clear presentations and excellent step by step instructions."

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"Kelly was great. There were times when a topic lit her up inside which led to great moments in the class. I'm glad I got to learn from her. Her lesson on how to use colors when making representational painting was illuminating. I'll definitely use that."

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"Kelly offered so much knowledge and modeled using it. This is a subject I struggle with and I felt very inspired. I really enjoyed our group painting experience."

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