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5 Tools For Planning Success

A personal organization and lesson planning course for Waldorf Teachers

Take your personal organization and lesson planning to the next level!


When I became a Waldorf Teacher, all my enthusiasm for teaching and love for the students didn't prevent me from running into difficulties like long hours of evening prep work and endless weekend planning sessions.  After my first year, I was exhausted and I vowed to improve my planning and preparation abilities.  I was determined to succeed. Taking advice from seasoned teachers, I was able to find 5 essential tools for my personal organizational success. In this course, I will share my secrets to help you plan efficiently, document your students' progress, and prepare for the end of the year report with grace and ease. Take your lesson plans, personal organization and teaching to the next level!

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The 5 Tools For Planning Success is an online course created to support you with your organization and lesson planning.  The course offers loads of practical advice for preparing for your new school year.  

Planning for the whole year can be so overwhelming.  There are so many details to consider.  When you follow the steps of this course, you enter into the process with ease.  We start broadly, looking at the whole year and with each video lesson we can step deeper into the details of each block and each lesson.  

Through a series of instructional videos, you will be led through the steps to personalize and utilize each of the 5 Tools.  The course culminates with the creation of an organized Teacher's Binder that will support you every day.


Kelly Beekman

Kelly Beekman, MEd, is an artist and educator working out of the impulses of Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education. With over 20 years of teaching experience, she has worked with parents and children to create opportunities to awaken what is truly human within each person. She has been a classroom teacher, mentor, workshop leader and tutor, teaching and supporting through personal interaction and online programs, focusing on storytelling and the arts.

  • Classroom experience with adults and children
  • Student of Anthroposophy for 25 years 
  • MEd in Elementary Education and Waldorf Education
  • ​Expert in organization and time management
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What are the 5 Tools for Planning Success?

  • The Community Calendar: A whole year, at-a-glance tool that identifies days off, school obligations, festivals and events.
  • The Schedule Outline: This tool divides the whole year into week-long segments, where you identify how many days you will be teaching. It is great tool for planning your block calendar and specialty classes like painting, math and reading.
  • The Block Calendar: Once you have firmed up your block rotation, this tool is used for brainstorming and planning your story material and objectives for each block.
  • The Daily Planner: A daily planning template made specifically for Waldorf teachers, makes room for the three-part lesson and daily review.
  • The Grid: This tool will give you the exact location to note and gather your observations and assessments of your students. If you use these properly, the task of report writing at the end of the school year will be greatly simplified.

WaldoRf CLASS Teachers From around the world USE THESE PLANNING TOOLS.

Now YOU, TOO, CAN make use of them in your planning Process.

Turn the Stress into Success!

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  • Learn tips and tricks for getting the most out of your summer planning.
  • ​Schedule your Main Lesson Blocks with confidence and ease.
  • ​Creatively Brainstorm the content and rhythms of each Main Lesson Block.
  • ​Consider your academic and artistic objectives for your class and integrate them seamlessly into your daily lessons.
  • ​Coordinate your Master calendar so that your appointments can be carefully tracked.
  • ​Learn ways to gather your observations and assessments of your students to facilitate stress-free report writing at the end of the year.
  • ​Learn to assemble your Teacher Binder, your go-to place for your plans and resources.
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Create your Yearly and Weekly Calendars

Let's start with the Big picture!  Take time to review the upcoming year and consider how all the events in your community affect what happens in your classroom.

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Envision your Block Calendars

Sometimes you just have to look and see how much time you have in your block...  How do you create rhythms and flow in your lessons over the course of 4 weeks?

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Put it all together in your Teacher Binder

The Teacher Binder help you to keep it all organized in one place. Everything has a place.  Create a system that supports your new planning and record keeping processes.

This course has grown and changed so much since it was first released in the summer of 2019.  Student feedback has been essential to develop the course to meet your needs. 

The Course Now Includes: 

  • ​10 step-by-step lessons, online and on-demand
  • ​4 hours of self-paced video instruction
  • ​Downloadable PDFs of all the Tools
  • ​Instructions on how to modify the Tools to your own needs
  • ​No time limit
  • ​Open Access to all the videos for as long as you need.
The key to good planning is awakening to the things you will be responsible for in the future and challenge yourself to solve problems before they happen  png

"The 5 Tools for Planning Success is now required coursework for all Waldorf teachers. Every teacher should have an understanding of the paperwork and administration that is required to be a successful, professional teacher. "

Your Future self with thank you.



"Kelly encouraged me, believed in me and built my confidence!"

To all my Waldorf teachers, Kelly is sheer brilliance, her tools are a gift! I will never forget my first year working with her at WSGC, I sat in awe, and was amazed at her natural talents! She encouraged me, believed in me and built my confidence! Now she brings her skills to help you manage your school year! What a gem!


"You will gain tremendously from Kelly's program..."

Over the past seven years of my Waldorf teacher education journey, Kelly Beekman, has been an abundant source of wisdom, warmth, knowledge, and strength. I am sure that anyone seeking support would gain tremendously by participating in any program that Kelly has to offer. Thank you, Kelly Beekman!


"Check out Kelly's tutorials..."

Fellow Waldorf teachers, check out Kelly’s tutorials. Even with quite a few years of teaching under my belt, I am finding her tools super helpful in streamlining my planning process.


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